Subcommittee on Heat Island
Newsletter Volume 5 is now available.
The proposal of urban heat island countermeasures was announced by the AIJ in August 2005. The sub committee is much more expected to give scientific evidence of heat island countermeasures toward the society. Heat island phenomena are caused as results of interaction between various factors. Therefore, urban heat island countermeasures must be enforced comprehensively from wide viewpoint. The subcommittee will examine the urban heat island phenomena which are caused by various factors and scales. The subcommittee will also propose effective measures toward social enterprises, such as administration and local government.
((Committee members))
Yasunobu ASHIE, Building Research Institute; Chair
Ryozo OOKA, University of Tokyo; Vice-chair
Hironori WATANABE, Tohoku Institute of Technology; Vice-chair
Akashi MOCHIDA, Tohoku University
Harunori YOSHIDA, Kyoto University
Hiroaki KONDO, National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
Jun TANIMOTO, Kyushu University
Junichiro TSUTSUMI, University of Ryukyu
Ken-ichi NARITA, Nippon Instituite of Technology
Koji KAGIYA, National Institute for Land and Infrastructre Management
Mikitaro OKAMOTO, Nihon Sekkei,Inc.
Toshiaki ICHINOSE, National Institute for Environmental Studies
Tsuyoshi HASHIMOTO, University of Tsukuba
Yasushi KONDO, Musashi Institute of Technology
Yoshiyuki SHIMODA, Osaka University

((Honorary members))
Akira HOYANO, Tokyo Institute of Technology
Masakazu MORIYAMA, Kobe University
Shuzo MURAKAMI, Keio University

Alan Meier, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA)
Hashem Akbari, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (USA)
Jurgen Baumuller, University of Stuttgart (Germany)
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Computer simulation tools for urban heat island
Observational studies of the urban heat island - Cooling effect of urban park -
National research project on "Kaze-no-michi" - Making the best use of cool sea breeze -
Anthropogenic heat and urban heat islands: A feedback system

Urban Climate Modeling WG

Takaaki KONO, Building Research Institute (